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Leadership Secrets

Leadership Secrets


This book provides answers to questions like these and more:


What is Leadership? Various definitions of Leadership

What are the secrets of Effective, Efficient, Result-Oriented, Result-Producing and Winning-Edge Leaders?

130 Leadership Secrets

The Price of Leadership

The Price to pay to become a great leader and a leader of leaders

The Power of vision and passion in growing your church as a Pastor

25 Differences between sons, members and servants

31 Things You Must Know About Decision-Making

The Place of Mentorship [FOLLOWING TO BECOME]

50 roles and responsibilities of Spiritual fathers and mentors

Initiating and maintaining an open heaven over your life and ministry financially

How to maintain a ceaseless flow of funds into your life and ministry

12 keys to Establishing a Culture of Undivided Allegiance in your Church, Business or Ministry

17 Diseases to eradicate from your church/ministry/organization

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