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Leadership Capsules

Leadership Capsules


This book contains answers to the following questions and more:

  • What separates leaders from non-leaders?
  • Are they from another planet?
  • Why do they seem to be so far ahead of others?
  • Do they have the same 24hrs in a day like all of us?
  • Why do leaders think differently?
  • Why do they get the results they get and live the way they live?

A FEW ANSWERS: They take different capsules - they are on a differnt medication from others - they hear what others don't hear - which influences them to believe differently, speak differently, see differently, therefore think differently, behave differently and become different - very different. They have come to the conclusion that 'IT IS TO EVERYONE ULTIMATELY ACCORDING TO THEIR FAITH ACTIONS BASED ON THEIR BELIEFS' - such as "What you hear determines what you believe, what you believe determines how and what you think and what you say; what you say based on how you think determines what you see and what you can see which others cannot see dictates how you behave and how you behave determines what you become ultimately in life.'


ADVICE: Take as many of these capsules each day as you can [overdose in this instance is harmless].

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