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12 Cancers to Avoid in Ministry Management & Leadership

12 Cancers to Avoid in Ministry Management & Leadership


Everyone’s life is DRIVEN BY THEIR PAST, PRESENT OR THEIR FUTURE. Life in general, Ministry, Leadership and Management is wrought with all kinds of trials and challenges. You cannot determine or dictate what people do to you or say about you but you can determine your reaction. There are at least 12 cancers that can ruin your Life, Leadership, Ministry, Destiny or cut short your role and effectiveness if allowed due to the unexpected and adversities we face. If allowed, these cancers can hinder the anointing from flowing as it should and abort one’s destiny.


In this book, you will discover: Why You Must Forgive But Not Forget, 60 Things and People You Must Forgive But Not Forget, 21 Toxic Associations And Relationships You Must Avoid At All Cost, 12 Cancers To Avoid In Ministry, Leadership And Management At All Cost, How To Build Your Capacity For The Long Haul Irrespective, How To Stay Extremely Focussed, Run Your Race And Finish It With Great Joy, Why You Must Adopt A Zero Tolerance Towards Discouragement, and many more!!!

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